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Top best blog websites 2022 or Top Best blogging websites is very useful for to start free blogging or make free blog and also making online money. As most of you guys know that blogging is growing rapidly on daily basis and also new platforms are introduced every day/month/year which offers internet users to create their own free blog without spending a single penny.

Let other people share their views with other people from different countries all over the world. So if you are one of those guys who are interested and passionate about blogging and want to start his own blogging career with free blog without spending a single penny then this guide will be much helpful for you.

When I was newbie I also started my blogging career with blogspot platform ( and once I learned enough about other blogging platforms and blogging,

I moved to advance and  awesome blogging platform which is self hosted and looks professional (WordPress platform). Really WordPress seems to be a great choice for me but in terms of other bloggers who are newbie in this field, they have many options to choose from their favorite blogging platforms.

You can learn about them on daily basis when you started working on specific platform that you will choose. Once you got enough skills in that particular program, then you can go ahead with some your own custom domain and website and start your blogging career like a pro.

best blog websites 2015 For free blogging platform
How to Select Best blogging platform

This is main and more useful point which everyone should understand before start blogging for select to website. As in this article we are sharing world’s all best blogging platforms or websites and all are free too,

But selecting best is not easy, may be you are new in blogging journey, and recently you are starting your blogging career, Then its very difficult to select best one.

So for better selection first you note or think that what you need, I means only free hosting, SEO, better security and also what type of your blogging. Because all best blogging sites for create a blog are different.

If your choice to select a best SEO friendly platform then you should use WordPress, because WordPress is most popular more SEO friendly blogging platform or website, and if you need better security and also easy to understand, then you can try with Blogger Blogspot, Blogger really more secure and also easy to understand,

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Top Best Blog Websites 2022

Let’s come back to our main guide about top 10 best blog websites where you can start your own free blog easily without spending dollars. So let’s get started to this article:


Blogger is well known platform among bloggers and is most popular because of providing opportunity to internet users to start their free blog from this amazing platform. Mainly Blogger platform was created by Pyra Labs and later it was bought by Google in 2003.

All the free blogs are hosted at sub domains of by Google. It also allows users to publish their ideas or posts on other hosts as well and that’s main reason why this platform is so much popular among bloggers.

WordPress is another free weblog hosting provider and it is mainly owned by Automattic. It was opened back in 2005 for beta testers and launched in moth of November in the same year.

Good thing about WordPress is that it is open source WordPress platform which mainly runs through limited Google advertising, VIP services and paid upgrades as well. I always go for to do web 2.0 back linking of my blog guides.


Tumblr is one of my favorite website for web 2.0 back linking and micro blogging as well. It allows their users to post images, videos, text, quotes or audio etc on their tumblr blogs. Users from tumblr community of same niche can also follow you or you can choose private option to hide your tumblr blog from other users. Also the design and interference is easier to know and learn and you can choose your favorite themes from from default tumblr blog themes for your tumblr blog.


Mainly medium was started by Biz Stone and Ev Williams. Medium now offers a lot of other extra features for increasing productivity of people and also it is build up as unique platform for internet users. In order to get started all you need is to login using Twitter method and you are t comment and blog as well.

Also if you are newbie blogger and want to attract readers then you should need to try out medium platform as it is currently having larger number of audience from all over the world.


Most of internet users are aware of Quora as it is world’s largest question answer platform where people like me and you ask questions about any kind of topic or field they like and get answered by the community members of same field. It is much better than Yahoo and Stack Overflow communities and seems to a great platform for question answering.


Weebly was mainly started back in 2006 providing newbie bloggers to start their free website on weebly. In order to create your own free weebly website, all you need is to login to your weebly account and create new weebly account easily. You can choose from your professionally and superb design templates for building a good weebly website.

Blog is another online platform which offers free opportunity for internet users or bloggers to create their free blogs. The blog address you will get after creating free blog will look like something this etc where xyz is your blog name. Also you can pay for premium stuff to get benefit of premium membership.


EduBlogs is one of the most popular education based blogging service which mainly allows students and teachers to create their own blogs. Then customize and edit them according to their own desire to add videos, pictures or any other studies related stuff.

It is one of the best, safe and secured best blog website for educational purposes and students as well to learn new things from all over the world. So if you are student and want to start your blog, then it is highly recommend for you to try out EduBlogs.

Ghost platform was released back in last year 2013 in month of October. It is totally new blogging platform which has some kind of limitations but really this platform seems to be great and amazing in terms of functions and features it offers to others users.

Also I have seen that some of most popular WordPress users are coming to ghost platform which shows how interesting this platform is. That’s main reason why we placed this new blogging platform in this list.

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Wix is another most popular blogging community or blogging platform which offering free blog service just likes other free blogging platforms like WordPress and blogger. It has some good looking web templates that you can use to build up your free wix blog easily.


Hubpages is largest community for bloggers or we can say that it is largest articles network on the internet. Here you can find out newbie and experienced bloggers who have started their free hubpages (free blogs) and sharing their ideas or posts with other people from all over the world. I always go for hubpages if I need some kind of article ideas.


So this was a detailed guide about top 10 best blog websites of 2022. I hope you liked and enjoyed this guide and found it useful for you.

If you have any queries or suggestions regards this article, feel free to ask in the comments section. You can select any one which one more attract you, You can see more reviews of this free blogging platforms, For more new updates about best blog sites 2022 keep visiting our blog.

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