Best Tumblr Blogs of 2022 to Read and Follow

Best Tumblr Blogs of 2022 to Read and Follow or best Tumblr sites if you need then just follow use and read this article, You know best blogging sites or any other like lifestyle blogs or know very useful to get complete information related to that topic. You might be searching for best blogs on tumblr to follow or might want to know about best tumblr blogs?

If yes, then you landed at right place because today we are sharing about the best blogs of tumblr to read on daily basis. Before we are going to get started with our main guide, first we should need to know about tumblr as most of you guys don’t have idea about it and many people knows about this platform.

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Best Tumblr Blogs

Tumblr Blogs

Actually tumblr was the first platform who combined social media and blogging under one platform and then Yahoo bought it around $1.1 billion. Most of the Facebook and Twitter users are active on tumblr platform and shares their ideas and stuff with others and also reblogs other people content as well. It is wordpress like platform and seems to be easier for the new users to learn it quickly.

Let’s get back to our guide about blogs that you should need to follow and read. If you want to know about the collection or list of best blogs on tumblr of 2022, then you should need to check out the list shared below. I am pretty sure that you will find this collection useful.

Best Tumblr Blogs of 2022 to Read and Follow

There are many tumblr blogs that are started from long time on the internet but was not been able to get noticed or success online, but all those blogs which are shared in this list are followed and read on regular basis by millions of people daily. Therefore it is recommended for you to follow those blog in this year.

If Paintings Could Talk

As the name says that this site mostly shares the photography and paintings related stuff that mostly conveys some kind of useful message. Really this site seems to be one of the best on tumblr platform in terms of paintings and photography; it is highly recommend checking out this site regularly.

TLDR Wikipedia

Why to waste most of your precious time on Wikipedia to read or know about some specific stuff that you want to know about. TLDR Wikipedia on tumblr provides you the information about specific things easily. It is another useful resource on tumblr which is currently followed by thousands of internet users from different countries all over the world.

Ghost Photographers

Ghost Photographers is another amazing site where the owner Angela Deane is expert in turning old photos into haunting ghost images through using her best skills of paintings. It is another most followed site on this platform.

Some More Resources

If you are still looking for more resources for more sites then you should need to check out the list mentioned below:

Final Verdict 

So this was a detailed guide about best tumblr blogs and I hope you liked and found this guide helpful for you. As we know that it is biggest platform of blogging,

So we can say it that its also best source of best blogs, Above blogs not enough, because there are many thousand s blogs which have also good quality you can see, If you have any queries or suggestions regards this guide, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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