Best University Websites of 2023 for Design Inspiration

Best University Websites of 2023 for Design Inspiration are you searching then lets read this article. These days learning and everything in our normal life is becoming digital now. Like books are converted in eBooks and learning is converted into online learning and these things are mostly liked and used by millions of people who are using internet.

Just like school websites, college and university websites are also good way to get your certificate, diploma, degree etc. But as a designer point of view, university websites should need to be user friendly and have clean interface with easier navigation for students or users. Also before making your university websites go live, try to test it as a user point of view and when you are totally satisfied then make it live

Best University Websites

Best University Websites of 2023 for Design Inspiration

Keeping all these things we have now decided to shared the list of best university websites with good designs of 2023 for better inspiration that you can check out. I am pretty sure that you will find this collection useful.

Champlain College

The team of Champlain College teamed up with BarkleyREI agency in order to refresh their site in order to make its look more beautiful and stunning. After spending more than two years time on development of their site, the new design of this blog went live back in March 2013 and then after five months in August 2013 it was awarded as best homepage (in eduStyle web awards). When you will visit this blog, you will find out clean and strong visuals used that gives well balanced look to this site and best education institute approach as well.

Delaware Vally College

Delaware Vally College was redesigned 2012 by Happy Cog agency and now in order to give better impression, good combination of gray, yellow and white color schema are used. Also best thing about their design is that it is totally responsive, so that the potential users from mobile devices can also access Delaware Valley College quick and easily.

Rhode Island School of Design

Rhode Island School of Design that was established back in 1877 is mainly arts and designed based college located in Rhode Island. Mainly this site uses their homepage to show the art and design talent of their students to internet users from all over the world. Their look was refreshed after designing in 2011 and then 2012 it won Webby Award Honoree in University category.

University of Chicago

University of Chicago is another high quality visuals based site with clean interface and elegant look to give a better first impression to the users. Their new design was live in September in 2012 which mainly was a collaborative project of university’s IT department students. Later in May 2013, this site was awarded by two high profile awards.

Some other university websites for design inspiration are mentioned below, that you can check out for better ideas are given below:

All of the above websites are have the inspiration design that every university websites should need to have and the list of data shared was collected after doing well research about this topic.


So this was a detailed guide about best university websites of 2023 that you should need to check for inspiration and I hope you like and found this guide helpful. If you wanna create best design of your university then you should know about best universities design.

Above listed all websites are looks very nice, If you have any question about Best University Websites of 2023 for their design then just ask us.

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