Best Blogging Platforms to Try in 2022 Also Free

Best Blogging Platforms is very useful to create a blog, If you wanna create free blogs then first you should know about best free blogging platforms, From the last couple of years, the signs were showing that the blogging will be dead when the social websites like Twitter and Facebook emerged in online world. Social media websites are changed a lot now in terms of communication purposes while the blogging remains same as it was in the past.

It will be great if I say that now doing blogging seems to be more awesome than in past, because now platforms are developed and every year you will find new platforms that offers free blogging to internet users to share their favorite ideas or anything that they want to convey to online world.

Best Blogging Platforms

Best Blogging Platforms to Try in 2022 Also Free

If you are one of those guys who are looking for the list of best blogging platforms, then you are at right place. Because today in this article we are going to share the list of best platforms for blogging that you can start using from this year so that in upcoming years you will be able to have some online identity or you will be making some good income from your websites. So let’s have a look at this collection about best platforms to use for blogging that are mentioned below:

Best Blogging Platforms


There are two platforms for WordPress, one is free which is and another is self-hosted which is I will highly recommend if you can afford web hosting and domain charges, then go for self hosted WordPress as it offers amazing and unlimited features when doing blogging on self hosted WordPress. Around 30% of websites from all over the world are powered by WordPress. According to top entrepreneurs from all over the world, WordPress is recommended this for professional people.

Blogger is mainly owned by Google itself which is totally free to use. All you need is to find some topic to write, register a free BlogSpot blog and start blogging from there. Once you are able to start making some money, you can buy a custom domain and link with it as well. It was the first platforms from where most of the today’s popular authors and bloggers started their writing career online. There are still couple of features that makes Blogger platforms awesome and reason behind most usage among people.


Tumblr is the third most popular and used by internet users from different countries all over the world. Mainly it is strong community of users to share and reblog the tumblr content. This is different from Blogger and WordPress but still most powerful used by millions of people online.

Best free blogging platforms 2022

Some other platforms that you can use online for blogging are mentioned below:

All of these platforms are collected after doing well research over this topic and WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr seems to be best platforms on top of the list because of their popularity and usage among internet users.

Final Verdict 

Selecting best blogging platforms very useful for better success, There are many platforms which providing free hosting but if you will see all in one need like hosting, security seo then you will find that Blogger and WordPress is really great place,

So we are suggesting to use Blogger or WordPress for better experience, If you have any queries or suggestions regards this guide, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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