How To Remove Shortcut Virus

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From PC laptops and PenDrive

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From PC also form all type laptops and from PenDrive with remove shortcut virus using cmd best tutorial you will see in this post. Everyone will be having a doubt that how to remove shortcut virus form PC Laptops or in Pen drive? Here is the question which comes in the mind of almost all the windows PC users.

Generally, in this issue the PC or pen drive will get infected by some cruel program in which it result all of our files and folders will immediately get changed into the shortcut files and the original files will be hidden. Generally, this is the cruel program which is known as Shortcut virus. If you’re PC or pen drive is affected by the shortcut virus then all the files as well as folders will get hidden and you will not be able to use them in which it is absolutely not good.

This Shortcut virus will spread from one computer to another computer like viral through the pen drives, flash drives or by memory cards exchanges as well as through the internet or with Bluetooth connections. The most common virus that is found in the removable drives is autorun.inf .
This keeps on multiplying and will infect your system by creating unlimited shortcuts of files as well as folders. Now a days it has become the common problem in each and every computer. Most of the people are searching for the solution in the internet but they are not getting exact solution for this problem. Here is the solution for the problem go through the below article to find the solution.
How To Remove Shortcut Virus

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From PC laptops and PenDrive

This Computer Virus infection is only removed through the antivirus programs as everybody knows it and also familiar with it. But now, this time, we it is about Shortcut Virus which is also a new modern virus automatically that comes in your computer or USB or SD card and it converts the whole content into a shortcut. Sometimes, this virus is invisible to all your contents.

 The first thing for this Shortcut virus problem is not removable by any of the anti-virus programs. When you Scan the Shortcut virus that are infected to storage with anti-virus program they give “No threat detected” which was really confusing and who did not know how to remove this shortcut virus, they just format the infected storage.

So that if you are helplessness to this format your storage then please do not follow this gain, because this is not a solution but if your storage does not contain anything important then you can just format your secondary storage device, not the computer storage because formatting also an another method to remove out all the shortcut virus.

The cause of this virus is the internet, USB storage devices, third party software’s and also many other sources. Sometime you connect the pen drive to your friend’s computer for exchanging some data and you did not know that your friend’s computer is already infected by some shortcut virus. So, when you connect those pen drives to your computer then it automatically infects your computer as well.

Types of shortcut Virus

Most probably there are two types of shortcut viruses in which it come generally across the window PC’s

1. Files and Folder Shortcut Virus

The shortcut virus is very common for most of the window users. The problem will occur in the Pc’s those who do not upgrade their antivirus programs for some reason as well as if they are not using them. All the files and folders those are shortcut virus have a leaning to duplicate all of your files and folders in your pen drive as well as PC or Laptop into shortcuts. This makes your original files and folders hidden which are NIL not available.

This shortcut virus can lead you into some serious problems. In which it does not leave any way to open your original files by clicking on the shortcuts. It is not compulsory to click on any of the shortcut file as well as a folder. It is because as when you will click on it, the virus may start duplicating itself to its multiples by executing hateful scraps in the background that can steal your confidential data as well.

2. Pen drive Shortcut Virus

Pen drive, memory cards or the flash drive shortcut virus can cause a very serious harm with the computer. It is always better to use the updated antivirus in your PC. It adds on the each file and folder in your removable devices and put them in one the hidden folder and creates a shortcut that is an executable file (.exe) of your removable drive with the same icon as well as name.

It will leave no other option other than click on it and once you will click on it, it will be executing spiteful programs in your PC to steal your personal information and to search out your activities.

Remove shortcut virus from computer

Shortcut Virus First Aid

First this is very important; many people do not know what to do after the short cut virus. Follow these steps immediately to prevent the shortcut virus for the laptop, Pc or USB. Unfortunately, not all the antivirus can detect this type of virus. So, the best thing you can do first is to make it as a habit that not to open your portable devices or hard drive via auto run or from the “my computer” folder. Here is the complete Shortcut virus First Aid to protect your Pc or Laptop.

* Do not open your Flash Drive through the autorun as well as from My Computer also.

* Open the Flash Drive and Hard Disk by a right click on it and then click explore or type its drive letter in the windows address bar to prevent any of the scripts from running.

* Follow the instruction here how to unhide the Files that are hidden by the virus, to see all the real files which are hidden by shortcut virus and to avoid executing it.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus Using CMD

Here are some methods to remove the shortcut virus from your PC, laptop or SD card. Follow any one of the methods to remove the shortcut virus in your PC. There is a thought that ‘Prevention is always better than the cure’. It’s a highly recommended to take few safety measures to keep the computer away from any kind of shortcut virus or else Trojans. You must and should always use updated antivirus and firewalls to keep this virus away from your PC or laptop.

Method 1: Remove shortcut virus from pendrive

If you do not wish to install any of the other shortcut virus remover application, then you can simply remove the shortcut virus from your PC or laptop or else pen drive by using a command prompt which is called as CMD.

Even if you are a non-technical person also you can easily remove the shortcut virus from your pen drive or PC by following the CMD steps. Follow the below steps to delete the shortcut virus.

Steps To Delete/ Remove Shortcut Virus by Using CMD

* First Open command prompt (CMD). (then Go to Run >> type CMD >> Hit enter )

* Type the drive letter of your removable device and also colon after it and click on enter. (For Example g:)

* Now type the attribute g:*.* /d /s -h -r -s. (Replace g: with the drive name of your drive)

* Click on the enter button.

How To Remove Shortcut Virus cmd

Method 2: Remove shortcut virus from Laptops

Steps to delete shortcut by using BAT File

The below are the simple steps to remove shortcut virus from your PC by creating a BAT file as well as also executing it. You do not need an extra tool to create a BAT file but just Windows machine and notepad. However, you can try this method to remove shortcut virus from your PC or pen drive or else memory card.

* First Open Notepad from your computer or laptop.

* Type or copy the below code as it is on the notepad.

* @echo

* Attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive:*.*

* Attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive:*.*

* Attribute -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive:*.*

* @echo complete

After completing the above steps, Now click on Save As… by clicking on File tab in notepad and this change save as type to “All files (*.*)” from the “Text documents” and rename it to removeshortcutvirus.bat and save it as it is on your desktop. Now close the notepad and then go to desktop and double click on the BAT file that you have just created. All the shortcut viruses from the respective drive will now be removed in just a few seconds and the original files will be back. By this method, we can remove the shortcut virus in the pen drive, laptop or else memory card also.

Method 3: Remove Shortcut Virus by using Software

There are many numbers of software found on the internet for fixing this problem so you use this USB Fix for this tutorial because it works with great and freeware.

* First Download USB fixes and installs it (If your antivirus is showing virus in this software then please put out of action it for a few minutes)

* Close all the programs from your taskbar that you are running it, because when it starts it automatically close all the programs and you may also lose your data.

* Connect all of your external storages to computer then Choose clean

* Then Clean- USB fix

It will automatically clean all your shortcut virus problems from all USB storages and do not forget to restart your computer after using this tool because it make changes in the windows directory and until you restart your computer, your computer will not be working properly.

Remove the Shortcut Virus from your Computer Hard disk

Removing this virus from your computer it feels a little harder than USB; because this USB is a small storage, but your computer hard disk is very large storage that you cannot slip back the changes like a CTRL+Z. For the first time when this virus is found in the laptop, you must not re-install it,

Because re-installing this windows waste of your lots of time and shortcut virus is not a very big deal that you think. If your computer files have been already converted into the shortcut then you should try these below commands in the command prompt same as above method

Type this attrib -h -r -s /s /d <Your drive letter>: *.* (For ex. if your drive is C: then the command is “attrib -h -r -s /s /d C:*.* “)

Or Else

Use this software that is Shortcut Virus Remover

Actually, this shortcut virus is running in the many task manager process > you may kill that process and your computer does not create again any shortcut virus in real time.

* Open the task manager

* Select the process

* Scroll down below and search “wscript.VBS” process

* Select them and end your task

Use one of this software’s to remove Wscript from your computer or PC:

Shortcut Virus Remover

Download this HFV and this HFV Hidden Folder Virus is the best shortcut virus remover. It is easy to use and when you do not need to install it in your system because it works as a individual application. If run it for the first time, then it will prompt you to enter your preferred password. HFV can disinfect as well as remove the shortcut virus from both of the internal and also portable devices. To clean your Hard Drive,

Files, Folder or else Portable device you just simply click on the “ADD” or “BROWSE”, then select the desired drive, folder or else file. Then choose the “Delete Virus” after that click on “Unhide Files” to recover all your files. That is how the easy way to HFV removes shortcut virus. This method is most probably used by many of the people.

USB fix

By this USB fix, we can remove the shortcut virus from the PC or Laptop. With the help of the clean tab in this, it will remove the shortcut virus and makes clean.

Tips to Prevent Shortcut Virus in Future

 The below-listed points below that you need to follow always to make your computer from virus free. Install HFV or SmadAV as your primary defense and it is a good antivirus plus it with Malwarebytes to complete your Pc and gives solid protection.

* Always keep your antivirus version till date.

* Make sure you are the only opening any removable disk after scanning only.

* If you’re Pc or Laptop does not have any antivirus, then keep your Bluetooth turned off.

* Avoid plugging-in any of the USB drives if your antivirus is not updated.

* Keep running boot scans once in two or three weeks.

* Avoid opening any file or folder by double clicking on it because many cruel scripts hidden in a file or folder will get executed only when someone double clicks on them. To be on a safer side, open a folder or file by doing a right click on it and then click on the open tab.

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