Top 10 best Websites 2022 in The World

Best Websites 2022 or top websites 2022 in the world or on the internet world are really interesting, largest and biggest, Here are some most popular biggest and largest Top Best websites of the world which getting more popularity due to their services, So they also getting more traffic too.

Here we are sharing some world’s best top 10 websites with traffic and many statics too. Mostly social sites are getting more popularity now days, because their features more attractive from all. so they are more attracting more users too.

As you know in every category millions websites are running, But if you will talk about world most popular websites then it’s going really more unique and their features also more attractive, Getting on top position is not possible to every site, Here some websites which really very attractive and also more useful for world population for enjoy the internet w world.



Best Websites

Biggest websites of the world 2022 and popular websites 2022 are similar, because biggest websites also most popular websites of 2022, You know largest websites giving something different features for attracting people. So these below written or described websites are most using and most popular.

In this list you will find all websites have the higher amount of active users, You can see their Page rank and Alexa rank are high. So let’s read more about world most popular best websites 2022 and keep it in your mind for knowledge.

List of Top 10 best websites 2022 in The World

Google – Google is the one of most popular website in the world, No one like Google, This most popular search engine which using world wide, Its was founded by Menlo Park, California, United States in September 4, 1998, Now its CEO is Larry Page, It’s main Headquarters in Mountain View, CA, United States of America, Its known by all internet users.

Google is on top position of world top 10 websites, Its Alexa rank is 1 and page rank is 9/10, This domain register on, Google is search engine which also provide many country wise search engines, There country wise search engine also in top five position in every country, Like if you will talk about India then for India Google launched Similar like you can see all countries versions too.

Google is a groups of many popular websites, Which also Google partners or developed by Google, Google also developed many tools for enjoy the the internet which called Google product, Some popular Google products are Google Maps, YouTube, Blogger, Play store Google images, Google Earth, Google Translate, Google Finance are the best product of Google.

So their no one thing which making this Great and world most popular websites, All type many useful things making this search engines to world best websites, Now Google also launching a site against any site, means Facebook is popular site so Google also running G plus against Facebook, So now there are no doubt that Google is best websites of top 10 list.


If you are talking about world’s most popular social networking site then you will give first name of Facebook, In the social site categories, Facebook is the biggest and first popular site, Facebook was founded by by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates in February 4, 2004,

Its main founders are Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes. Now its CEE is Mark Zuckerberg. Its biggest online competitor of Google, You can see that Facebook is more earning from Google guys.

Facebook is most popular because its many things or features which most liked people, Actually this is a social networking site, But it’s provided many new features which can attract more people day by day, Due to this more people joining this social site.

It’s some features making more user friendly which are fast loading with slow internet, chat, video calling and much new which day by adding in this social site,



Facebook Page is a popular platform of this social networking, Using this you can promote your business and you can do effective marketing without paying any, This is free platform, You can make community page, official page, marketing page and business page, Now this social site giving many tools which help you in business promotion which is Facebook insight. You can use its paid services which are post promote, websites promote, Page promotes and also Facebook adword.


Internet world make up by YouTube, There are no doubt that YouTube is most liked video sharing sites, You can say it a social site but here you can share only videos, Its totally free, You can share your own created video by uploading here, Its totally free you can enjoy unlimited space for your video.

Now you can make money using your YouTube channel, If you have top best quality and also unique videos which created by you then you can make money by placing Adsense ads there. You can say that its most popular and most liked best Google product, After Google its second most using thing on the Internet means it has more visitors after Google.




Yahoo is also a group of many tools and sites, Its second biggest search engine after Google, Similar like Google it’s also providing many services like Yahoo image search, Yahoo News, Finance, Directories, Business directories and many others, Yahoo mail also a better services which free provided by Yahoo,

Now similar like Gmail its also providing Step 2 verification for better security. Now Yahoo started a program for making money like Google Adsense which is, Using this you can monetize you site with Yahoo ads and you can make money with your site.


Its biggest best eCommerce site of the world, Its older from Google, Amazon founded in 1994, Before some year its popular in only United state but now its Global site, For online shopping it is the best Website, people direct searching this for do shopping, You can use its official site for shop anything,


For me Wikipedia is amazing and top best site, If I need something advanced historical information about any person of the world, I just open this website, because its giving all information about related topic, Its something different, Wikipedia is free encyclopedia, Google like this site and its every information Google showing on first page of their search result.


If you will talk about world top social networking websites then you will find that Twitter is second popular website, Twitter also more older from Facebook, But its features no more interesting like Facebook, So day by day people left twitter and connecting with Facebook, But still its have good amount users which can give best place in top 10 websites list.


Bing and Yahoo are combine now, Bing also a biggest search engine after Google. After ping with Yahoo now its going more popular, Its providing many services of search engines. You can enjoy Bing search, Bing image search, Bing News and many others features of search engines, Its most popular second product is Bing map.


It a worldwide multinational eCommerce website. After Amazon eBay is second biggest eCommerce site. You can buy any electronics product from this platform easily, Is providing safe shoping features for thier users. Its also older website which found in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar.


Everyone know about MSN., This popular site owned by Microsoft, It’s providing all news of Entertainment, weather, Hollywood, games, politicians and many more. MSN weather is most popular for get latest updates of world wide weather.


Friends, We hope you will enjoy this article with short information about related top websites, As you know that there are many websites in the world but getting top listed not possible for all,

This is updated list of 2022, If you have any suggestion off this list then just comment below for improve this article, For more latest information about world top best websites 2022 with their traffic and popularity keep visit.

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